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Street Food Lovers Market

Wood-fired pizza, seafood paella, jaw-dropping burgers, smoked meats, sweet treats, craft beer bars and bubbles with friends. View the gallery (right) to find out why the free Street Food Lovers Market at Canterbury Park's summer race nights is a local phenomenon.

This stellar congregation of Sydney’s finest – and family-friendly – street vendors (almost) usurp the top-class racing action as dusk turns to night. Here’s a fast-track to some of our favourites. Tick these off over the ten night series or polish them off in a single Friday night blow-out.

Greek Street

You know the drill with Greek food – marinated meats, olives, pita bread, feta and a whole lot of tzatziki.

Image: Greek Street

G-Dup Burgers 

Your one and only stop to the best American Style burgers and dirty fries. Double down with G-Dups legendary triple pattys.


Only in Australia do we know the simple delights of a whole potato spiraled, skewered, dipped in a special secret batter and fried. Best served with a condiment of live racing action.

Image: Chip on a Stick


Cachai Comida

Completo’s with a twist. Incorporating classic Latino flavours and spices, you won’t find anything else quite like Cachai Comida. Try handle their best-seller The El Diablo (trust us its worth the hype) washed down with their insane loaded fries.

Bellissama Pizza 

Wood-fired on the spot, Bellissama Pizza is is the fluffiest crust this side of Naples.

Mr Waffle

Is there anything better than some sweet treats to wrap up the night? Let Mr Waffle do his thing. A crazy collection of toppings to choose from.

Norma’s Burger Bar 

Alright, now the burgers don’t get more photogenic than this but that’s not why we are madly in love with Normas. With the options and add-ons, you’re pretty much creating your dream burger (and we do dream about these things). Don’t miss out on trying their Bearded Burger.

Image: Norma’s Burger Bar

Fluffy Crunch 

Embrace your inner child (or your real child) and grab yourself / them some fairy floss for that nostalgic Friday night sugar kick!

Phillies Cheese Steaks

Philadelphia’s finest export (sorry Mr. Balboa). The Philly Cheesesteak is a timeless combination of steak, cheese, fried onions and peppers. As cheesesteak connoisseurs, we think Phillies is the best in the southern hemisphere.  Don’t leave it as long as we did to find out why.

Thicc Cookies 

THICK insta-worthy cookies that will make you DROOL! With so many cookie flavours to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Brazilian Flame BBQ 

For all things meat, head to the Brazilian Flame BBQ. For once you’ll enjoy lingering in a queue as the aromas waft up your nostrils.

Image: Brazilian Barbecue

The Gnocchi Way 

Everybody loves a pasta dish, especially gnocchi! You know the drill.

Mr Tortilla

Feeling like having a Mexican Fiesta? The real determining factor of a great Mexican joint is, of course, in the food — more specifically, the tortillas and their toppings. Have them as you like them – soft or crispy.

Halloumi Me

Are you a lover of halloumi? Good, So are we. Halloumi filled spring rolls and halloumi chips do exactly what you’d imagine.

The American BBQ Kitchen 

The artists formally known as ‘Hardstyle Kitchen’, this American BBQ pop-up is not to be missed. All sauces and seasonings are made in-house, so you won’t find these flavours anywhere else! This food truck is one of Sydney’s most popular, using a low and slow style of cooking, rubs and sauces.

We’re going for a lie-down.