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Street Food Lovers Market

Wood-fired pizza, seafood paella, jaw-dropping burgers, smoked meats, sweet treats, craft beer bars and bubbles with friends. View the gallery (right) to find out why the free Street Food Lovers Market at Canterbury Park's summer race nights is a local phenomenon.

This stellar congregation of Sydney’s finest – and family-friendly – street vendors (almost) usurp the top-class racing action as dusk turns to night. Here’s a fast-track to some of our favourites. Tick these off over the ten night series or polish them off in a single Friday night blow-out. Entry is free (advance registration is encouraged to ensure entry).

The Smokehouse

  • Meats slow-roasted on the spit over hot charcoal and hickory wood to bring through a delicious smokey flavour. Enjoy a hearty pork or beef roll or our famous Burgers all with hand-cut chips!

Andy’s Dumplings

Enjoy delicious parcels of steamy goodness with a range of authentic Chinese style dumplings. Featuring all of our favourites, prawn, pork, chicken, vegetable dumplings, spring rolls and Pork and Vegetable Dim Sum.

Benny’s Burgers Brah

The king of Burgers is back for a second helping, Benny’s mouth-watering loaded burgers were a hit last year!


The Sun of Naples 

Seeing as travelling overseas is off the cards, this is the closest to the Naples you can possibly get! Wood-fired on the spot, what more could you want? Don’t miss out of the famous and most popular Prosciutto and Rocket pizza.

Fish by ATC

Enjoy award-winning delights from our Chefs with fresh seafood (Oysters, Prawns), the most flavourful beer battered fish with hand cut chips or grilled to order fish with the crispiest skin!

Bao Brothers

Soft pillowy Bao goodness, mixed with contemporary Asian flavours and street food culture comes to Canterbury.

Original Fairy Floss Company

Embrace your inner-child (or your real child) and grab yourself / them some fairy floss for that nostalgic Friday night sugar kick!

Greek Street

You know the drill with Greek food – marinated meats, olives, pita bread, feta and a whole lot of tzatziki.

Image: Greek Street


Phillies Cheese Steaks

Philadelphia’s finest export (sorry Mr. Balboa). The Philly Cheesesteak is a timeless combination of steak, cheese, fried onions and peppers. As cheesesteak connoisseurs, we think Phillies is the best in the southern hemisphere.  Don’t leave it as long as we did to find out why.


Joe’s Ice Cream

Delicious and creamy ice cream truck with all your favourite flavours and toppings. The perfect dessert!


Emmy’s Gozleme

Enjoy authentic Turkish gozleme with Emmy where they’ve been using the same traditional recipe for the past 25 years. If customers are always coming back for more – it must be good! With different options to choose from (including vegetarian), you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Jeery’s Tacos

The most unique taco’s we’ve seen to this date. Served on a house made roti canai, these tacos will have your taste buds absolutely salivating. These tacos are seasonal and fresh tasty tacos inspired by the love of food. You’ll need more than one hand to navigate these bad boys.


Mr Kernal (Chips-on-a-stick)

Only in Australia do we know the simple delights of a whole potato spiraled, skewered, dipped in a special secret batter and fried. Best served with a condiment of live racing action.



Senor Toro

Authentic Mexican hard and soft tacos dripping with flavour and chessy spicy goodness. Meat and Vegetable tacos available.


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