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ATC Royal Randwick Racecourse Hotel

1 About The Proposal

1. About the proposal


Royal Randwick has been in operation since 1833 and is a pre-eminent location for racing, recreation and entertainment in Sydney. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Royal Randwick attracted over 1.2 million visitors per year.

Since receiving approval for a nine-storey hotel in 2014, ATC has progressed its design for the Royal Randwick Racecourse Hotel (Hotel), reducing the building height by 2 storeys and emphasising its boutique offering.

The new hotel will be an exciting addition to the raceday experience for spectators and the community. The inclusion of the jockey club and other spectator-friendly facilities will enhance the racing experience for all. The hotel showcases sweeping views of the racetrack including the iconic Royal Randwick home straight.

The proposal includes:

  • Construction of a seven-storey hotel consisting of:
    • Approximately 190 hotel rooms across six storeys
    • Spectator facilities and function facilities, restaurant and bar, and terrace
    • Recreational facilities, including a gym and outdoor pool
    • Club facilities, known as ‘The Jockey Club’, including a private lounge and gaming facilities (subject to a separate approval process and consultation)
  • Construction of one level of basement parking consisting of 22 car parking spaces, loading dock and end of trip facilities
  • Extension of the existing internal road to provide access to an undercover pick up/drop off facility
  • Site landscaping.
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Community information session

You are invited to attend our community information and feedback session. You can drop in, meet the team and ask any questions. The details are:

Date: Thursday 13th of April 2023 and Tuesday 18th of April 2023

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Location: Royal Randwick Racecourse, Alison Road Randwick, Malt Shovel Taphouse – entry via Gate 1 on Alison Road and proceed through Gate D, the Malt Shovel Taphouse is on the left.

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2 Why a Hotel?

2. Why a hotel?

Randwick Racecourse has been known as a cultural and social hub within Eastern Sydney. Royal Randwick Racecourse is one of the largest racing and recreation areas in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Royal Randwick attracted more than 1.2 million visitors per year. The Racecourse complements surrounding attractions including Moore Park Golf Course, the Moore Park Sport Precinct (including Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium), the Entertainment Quarter and Centennial Park, making it an important contributor to this significant sporting and events precinct.


A vibrant tourism precinct for Randwick

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 5 million tourists stayed within the Randwick LGA, generating $235 million into the NSW economy annually.

This proposal will not only meet a need for high quality hotel accommodation in the local area, as identified by Randwick City Council, but also provide a first-class racing, spectator, and hospitality experience across accommodation, health and wellness, food and beverage.


A world class events and entertainment precinct

The NSW Government is currently considering how they might reinvigorate NSW’s tourism sector post COVID-19.

As operators of one of Sydney’s most significant entertainment precincts, ATC aim to support this vision by creating a world class racing, events and entertainment precinct at Royal Randwick supported by providing a first-class hospitality experience across accommodation, health and wellness, food and beverage.

3 A Boutique Hotel Experience

3. A Boutique Hotel Experience

The proposed hotel seeks to provide a first-class racing and hospitality experience across accommodation, health and wellness, in addition to food and beverage.

The ground floor restaurant and bar, with an alfresco/terrace area and level 1 pool and gym will be accessible to registered club members and spectators with these facilities available for hotel guests and visitors using the function room facilities.


Seamlessly integrated and sustainable design:


The hotel has responded directly to previously received community feedback to ensure the is sympathetic to the surrounding character. This proposed hotel is now in line with the QEII building.

Landscaping and manicured native gardens:

The landscape design has been developed with careful consideration to pedestrian movement and functionality, visitor engagement, appropriate planting and streetscape enhancement.

Whilst the previous proposal sought to relocate the fig tree at Royal Randwick, this hotel’s design will use the 180 year old fig tree as an anchor and activator in the alfresco/terrace outdoor dining area.

The native garden design has been developed through the Connecting with Country process, where local Aboriginal knowledge holders are engaged to inform the planning, design, and delivery of built environment. The garden will provide opportunity for flora & fauna identification, local indigenous community engagement and wayfinding and will enhance the streetscape along Alison Road by provided a vegetated buffer.

Views of the track:

The proposed hotel has been oriented to maximise the views of the finishing line and maintain equitable view corridors of the track from the existing stands.


It was important to the ATC that the hotel’s design incorporates the latest in sustainability features. These include:

  • Installing photovoltaics (PV panels) on the roof to offset electricity consumption and reduce peak demand
  • Minimising the heat island effect through terrace landscaping, light-coloured roofs, natural cross ventilation and high performance glazing and blinds.
  • Conserving water through rainwater collection and re-use on site for irrigation and toilet flushing and the use of native or low-water use landscaping and drip irrigation systems.

Pedestrian and vehicle safety:

Pedestrian and vehicle safety around the site is important to the ATC. The proposed design has carefully considered how to manage this, particularly on high traffic event days and has included designated vehicle and pedestrian zones to manage and ensure visitor safety. Additionally, the driveway and drop off grading has been designed to prioritise pedestrian traffic during event days.

4 Being a Respectful Neighbor

4. Being a Respectful Neighbour

ATC has extensive experience in managing events and associated traffic, noise and anti-social behaviour.

We recognise our responsibility to ensure that we continue to manage the operation of our site in a way that is respectful to our neighbours.

Traffic and access:

Royal Randwick is highly accessible and well serviced by public transport including numerous bus routes, along with a frequent light rail network. ATC anticipates that the vast majority of patrons visiting the venue will use these methods, reducing the need for large numbers of additional car parking spaces.

Royal Randwick has significant car parking on site, with a multi-deck car park consisting of 575 car spaces, parking for approximately 1500 cars to the infield, along with significant other parking areas within the wider precinct. The proposal seeks to increase these facilities by 1%.

Private vehicle or ride share entry access for those visiting the hotel for an event will be via Ascot Street, with exit access via Ascot Street and the northern Alison Road. Pedestrian access and access for those travelling via public transport will be via Alison Road to minimise access on residential streets.

A traffic and transport impact assessment is being developed for assessment as part of the SSDA. The assessment will outline ATC’s proposed approach to manage impacts to traffic and transport, particularly with access in and out of the internal driveway.


Noise and guest management:

During construction

As part of the SSDA, a noise and vibration impact assessment is being developed for assessment. This will assess the impact during construction to nearby residents and neighbouring infrastructure, and the impact from this infrastructure on hotel guests during operation.

This assessment will be available on DPE’s Major Project’s website once the proposal is lodged.

During operation

We anticipate there will be minimal impacts related to noise and anti-social behaviour however we recognise our responsibility to be respectful towards our neighbours when managing the operation of the new facilities.

An Operational Plan of Management is being developed for assessment by the consent authority. The Operational Plan of Management will outline mitigation measures to manage noise from the hotel’s operation and anti-social behaviour of those staying or visiting the hotel.


Our heritage:

Heritage at Randwick Racecourse is protected within the C13 Heritage Conservation Area (HCA). A heritage impact statement is being prepared and will be assessed as part of the SSDA to ensure impacts on any heritage listed items on the site are minimised or mitigated. For example, the heritage listed fig tree will be integrated into the hotel’s design.

5 Planning Process

5. Planning Process

ATC are seeking approval from the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) for this proposal through the State Significant Development Application (SSDA) process.

April 2022 – ATC received the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) from DPE. The SEARs ensure government agencies and relevant service providers are informed and can request certain information be addressed within the SSDA.

October 2022 – As part of the SSDA process, ATC is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which considers any potential impacts from the construction and operation of the Hotel and suggests mitigation measures.

We are here – ATC is seeking feedback from its neighbours and the community as part of this stage. This feedback will be collated in a Consultation Outcomes Report and included in the submission to DPE to inform future planning.

May 2023 – Formal lodgement of the SSDA.

July – August 2023 – Following the SSDA lodgement, DPE will publicly exhibit the proposal. At this point, the community can make formal submissions to DPE. 

Early 2024 – DPE will review the application and formal comments and make a decision on the planning application.


Contact us

We have engaged Urbis to assist us with community engagement for the Royal Randwick Racecourse Hotel project.

You can contact the team on:

Phone: 1800 244 863