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Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion for visitors and people for whom our sites are their workplace

ATC is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and free of discrimination and harassment. Discrimination is defined as treating someone unfairly or less favourably based on their personal attributes including but not limited to age, carer’s responsibilities, disability, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or domestic status, race/ethnicity, pregnancy or breastfeeding, genuine religious or political beliefs. Discrimination is not only against the law, it is also against ATC policies and values.

ATC will take all reasonable steps to ensure our venues are welcoming and accommodating for all and our policies, processes, and facilities reflect this. We will not tolerate anyone discriminating or harassing others including but not limited to verbal abuse, inappropriate statements, jokes or gestures, wearing clothing or slogans that vilify people, comments or statements on social media, and discluding/asking someone to move based on discriminatory personal attributes. Anyone acting in an inappropriate way will be dealt with accordingly which may include being asked to leave our venue.

ATC is committed to having a diverse workforce where everyone has equal employment opportunities and our policies and recruitment processes support this. We feel this is especially important because our workforce reflects our diverse surrounding communities and the wide range of people that visit our venues make it the exciting and friendly place that we all enjoy.

Inclusion for Transgender Identified people


Gender identity – What is transgender?

NSW anti-discrimination law defines transgender as:

  • Someone who identifies as the opposite gender to their birth gender and who lives as their identified gender or are seeking to live as their identified gender.
  • Someone who is intersexual (born with indeterminate sex, for example with sexual parts of both sexes), as they live as their identified gender.

A person does not have to have had any sex change or other surgery to be counted as transgender under NSW anti-discrimination law. They do not have to have taken any hormones in the past or be taking them now. It does not matter how they describe or label themselves. What matters is how they want to live and behave, and ATC will recognise the individuals identified gender.

How do I know which gender an individual identifies as?

You are entitled to take each person on face value based on their clothes, their name, how they identify themselves on forms, and how they introduce or present themselves.

How will ATC support transgender identified people to ensure they have the best possible experience?

Most people who adopt a new gender identity wish to do so smoothly and without fuss and ATC will endeavor to ensure transgender people enjoy their experience by:

  • A person who is transgender may enter the toilet facilities or change rooms of their adopted gender identity and we would expect this to be the normal preference. However, some people may be more comfortable using the facilities that they are most accustomed to using and ATC supports that choice.
  • Employees will be allowed to wear the uniform of their identified gender.
  • Having a no-toleration approach to discrimination towards transgender people; ATC will deal with anyone acting in an inappropriate way.
  • The dress code for the Members’ Enclosure will likewise apply in the usual way, based on a person’s identified gender.
  • Managing changes in name according to the normal process.

We expect that all people will conduct themselves sensitively and respectfully. It is important to us that everyone who visits our venues has the best possible experience without discrimination.