Members are one of the ATC’s key stakeholders and important contributors to the future of the ATC and its venues. A wide range of events, issues and investment decisions impact on the Member experience today and in the future, for this reason, the ATC are establishing a Members Consultative Committee (MCC) to harness Member knowledge and experience, and improve communication flow between Members, the ATC and other stakeholders.


The ATC are introducing a new Member Consultative Committee (MCC), to comprise of nominated ATC staff and Members.


The aim of the MCC is:


  • To create a diverse focus group of Members for qualitative research
  • To provide feedback on areas for improvement specifically relating to Member experience, engagement and satisfaction
  • To provide feedback on the ATC’s current and future plans that directly or indirectly impact Member experience, engagement and satisfaction

Structure and Composition

It is proposed that the MCC will be comprised of:


  • EGM Member & Customer Experience – Jane Coles (Chair)
  • Membership Manager – Naomi Morgan-Jones
  • Corporate Affairs & Government Relations – Steve McMahon
  • 15 Australian Turf Club Members



2020 MCC Committee Members

 Your 2020 Committee Members:

Anthony Kirkwood Country, Interstate and Overseas
Andrew Papandreas 10 Year Tenure
Peter O’Donoghue 10 Year tenure
Matilda Cooper 35 & Under
Dean Young 35 & Under
Benjamin Scarf 35 & Under
Scott Hull Full Membership
Jessica Telford 35 & Under
Wayne Haylen Chairman’s Club
Jean Shaw 30 Year Tenure
Peter Gannon 20 Year Tenure
Jason Clout 20 Year Tenure
Nicola O’Brien 35 & Under
Brett Hamilton 5 Year Tenure
Daniel Lynch Full Membership

Member Feedback

We invite all Members to contact us directly to submit items and feedback for discussion at upcoming Member Consultative Committee Meetings.

To submit feedback, please email or complete the form below:


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