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Members' Loyalty Rewards Seating & Tenure Discounts

A Members Loyalty Reward program offers reserved raceday seating by recognising regular raceday attendance and tenure. Members also receive discounts from their annual Membership fee based on their consecutive years of tenure.

Members’ Loyalty Rewards Seating

Eligibility to participate in this program is based on Membership tenure (50 years or more of Membership) or Members who have attended more than 10 Saturday racedays at ATC venues since 1 July 2019. The Members Loyalty Rewards reserved seating program runs every Saturday raceday at Royal Randwick and Rosehill Gardens*.

Please note, during the busy Carnival, reserved seating will be at capacity so Members may have to share tables. Whilst we do our best to accommodate Members who qualify for reserved seating it is not guaranteed.

Members’ Loyalty Reserved table at Rosehill Gardens


Rosehill Gardens
Members’ Only Reserve
Adjacent to TJ’s on the Ground Floor of the J.R. Fleming Grandstand

Royal Randwick
Skyline Room (pictured)
Level 3, Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand


  • Register your interest below to be in the ballot to receive a complimentary seat.
  • Registrations are open for one month at a time and close each Tuesday at 5pm for the upcoming Saturday raceday.
  • A maximum of one (1) guest is permitted per Member (must be a fellow hard card Member or possess an Unrestricted Annual Guest Card).
  • You will receive an email each Thursday prior to the raceday you are interested in notifying if your booking has been successful*.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Reserved seats are required to be claimed by correct weight of Race 1, otherwise they will be released. Any Member who does not claim their reserved seat without informing the ATC prior to the race meeting, may forfeit their ability to apply for the next round of Members Loyalty Reward seating.

*There is no Members Reserved Loyalty Seating on Melbourne Cup Day. The seating applies to Saturday meetings only.

**Should your reservation be confirmed for the Members Loyalty Rewards Seating and you are unable to attend the raceday, please contact Membership on (02) 9663 8419.

Renew Membership

Renew Membership

Tenure Discounts

Members receive discounts from their annual Membership fee based on their consecutive years of tenure.

5 years of service = 5%
10 years of service = 10%
15 years of service = 15%
20 years of service = 20%
30 years of service = 50%
50 years of service = complimentary

Tenure Discounts