ATC Members who joined or renewed their 2019 Membership before 31 December 2018 received Early Renewal Reward Complimentary Vouchers.


These vouchers are unavailable for use on the following feature race days;

The Everest – Saturday, 19 October 2019

ATC MEMBERS ONLY How to redeem your vouchers


To ensure swift entry and reduced queues, we encourage ATC Members to pre-redeem your vouchers prior to the race day you wish to attend.

Voucher may be redeemed by using any of the following methods;


Pre-Race Day

Send your vouchers in to the Membership Department with the date of the race day you wish to redeem your vouchers for, listed on the back of the voucher.

Tickets will not be posted within 1 week of the race day.


  • Membership Office
    Present your voucher(s) at the Membership Office within the Administration Building at Royal Randwick between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Australia Post (allow 1 month prior to race day)
    Send your voucher(s) in the post addressed to:
    Membership Department
    Locked Bag 3
    RANDWICK  NSW  2031



Race Day

Please ensure your guests details are completed on the back of your voucher to ensure a speedy turnaround time.

Present your voucher(s) on any race day at the following locations;


  • Royal Randwick
    Gate A – Busway, Alison Road
    Concierge – Ground Floor, Members Stand
    Infield Office – Infield Car Park
  • Rosehill Gardens
    Might & Power Office – P1 Car Park Entry
    Concierge – Ground Level, Members Stand


  • Warwick Farm
    General Office, rear of Grandstand
    Available for Mid-Week Race Day redemption
  • Canterbury Park
    Administration Office
    Available for Mid-Week Race Day redemption
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