Equine Welfare at the Australian Turf Club

At the Australian Turf Club the horse is at the centre of our business. Our Members, Board and Management have a deep passion for the welfare of horses.

On Australian Turf Club premises we maintain high expectations of our staff and participants in ensuring the safety and welfare of all racehorses competing at Australian Turf Club racecourses, training at our venues and retired horses under our management. Our goal is to continually implement initiatives to ensure each and every horse receives the standard of care they deserve.

Beyond our boundaries, Australian Turf Club supports the objectives of the Regulatory Authority, Racing NSW, in setting world-leading standards of equine care for racehorses at all stages of the horse’s life.


Australian Turf Club Equine Welfare Strategy

The below outlines the 5 Pillars of the ATC Equine Welfare Strategy:

  1. Support Racing NSW Equine Welfare Policy, in particular the aftercare of racehorses program
  2. Provide safe racing and training facilities for all horses raced and trained at ATC Racecourses
  3. Ensure all participants maintain a reasonable duty of care for the racehorses they train at ATC Racecourses
  4. Maintain a high standard of welfare for the horses under ATC care
  5. Continue to advance industry and educational initiatives alongside Racing NSW to improve overall standards of equine care and community understanding


The Australian racing industry is committed to the welfare of the Australian thoroughbred. Follow the link below to read more information about the Welfare Guidelines for Horse Racing.

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