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Contractor Management at the Australian Turf Club

Australian Turf Club (ATC) is committed to an incident and injury free workplace by eliminating harm to people and minimising adverse impacts to the environment. ATC strives to create an environment where people, contractors and members of the public are safe from the activities and operations of the ATC. We encourage all workers to take an active role in their own wellbeing and that of others in the workplace.

The ATC utilises an online contractor management system, which includes all inductions and verifications to be completed.

Steps for the online contractor management system include:
• Pre-registering your company details and upload all relevant insurances, licences and safety documentation
• ATC representative approves and verifies documents
• Be added to the ATC approved contractor list
• Receive a link to issue passcodes for the inductions which are linked to your company profile
• Sign in and out with ATC security when entering an ATC venue

Please ensure your company has been pre-registered/approved and workers inducted prior to working at any ATC venue. Failure to do so may have the potential to delay your work or event.

Click here to login to the ATC Contractor Management system.

If you are involved in an incident or near miss or are aware of any hazards, please report them to your ATC representative immediately. You can also email any ideas, suggestions or concerns you have relating to safety directly to our HSE Department on