Align your brand with Australia’s premier racing experience

The Australian Turf Club – known for its tradition, glamour, excitement and entertainment – will deliver your business a partnership designed to excite, endear and engage your target markets through a range of different mediums.

The ATC works hand in hand with your marketing and commercial teams to understand your objectives and develop programs specifically designed to create unique engagement with the ATC customer base and your business. From on field activation to unique events and race day naming rights, we’re here to help.

Designed to achieve your commercial objectives, here are seven reasons why your company should be partnering with the Australian Turf Club:

  1. The ATC enjoys a monopoly on Sydney Racing conducting 113 race days a year across four tracks.
  2. In NSW, racing ranks above AFL, A-League and Super Rugby as a preferred leisure activity.
  3. 600,000 people attend ATC venues each year for around five hours at a time amounting to 3 million hours consumed by engaged attendees.
  4. As the event owner and venue owner, the ATC can guarantee sponsors category exclusivity and access to state of the art digital tools such as WiFi, IPTV, video screens and online assets.
  5. In a five hour race day including free to air broadcast, there may be 20 minutes of racing leaving ample time to promote our lifestyle partners, fashion and celebrity.
  6. Major Carnival days attract a national TV audience of 1.3 million viewers and 100,000 via internet streaming.
  7. Carnival Days are broadcast into Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand where wagering on Australian racing is rising dramatically.

To further discuss how your company can join the exclusive family of partners and sponsors at the ATC please contact us

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