Media Rules & Regulations


Annual media accreditation passes are issued to members of the media who are required to regularly cover race days at ATC venues in a working capacity for an approved media outlet.

Media who are sent irregularly to cover the races should apply for a daily media pass at least three (3) days before the significant race meeting.

Accreditation is personalised, and therefore, is non-transferable.

Media accreditation passes must be displayed at all times.

As Media access points and the Media Room are located in the Members’ Reserve, all working media including photographers and camera crews must observe the Members’ Dress regulations.

Access to the Media Room is strictly reserved for members of the media who are required to file stories and images for the same/follow day’s press.

No food or drink is to be removed from the Media Room.

Race books are provided to working media to assist in their roles. Under no circumstances should complimentary race books be distributed to other patrons or sold online.

All ATC venues are non smoking venues. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings at either racecourse.


Photographers’ vests and official lanyards will be issued to approved photographers during the Sydney Carnival. These vests and lanyards are required to be worn at all times when in the inner parade ring.

When working in the parade ring area, photographers must obey the instructions of all ATC security staff and must keep a safe distance back from the parade ring rose-arch at all times.

Betting Ring Areas

TV/film crews and photographers may only film or photograph general atmosphere shots of the betting ring. No filming of individuals transacting wagers is allowed.

Mounting Yard

The Mounting Yards at all ATC venues are areas designed specifically for trainers, horses, jockeys and connections, prior to and after races, and ATC Officials. Media are privileged to have access to this area and should abide by the rules accordingly. For the safety and security of all concerned, numbers in the Mounting Yard are strictly limited.

Local TV networks (camera crews and journalists) will not be permitted to enter the Mounting Yard without prior permission of ATC officials.

Approved photographers must wear an identification vest and lanyard at all times in the Mounting Yard throughout major racing carnivals.

All media must remain behind the designated barriers, pre and post-races, and follow the directions of ATC Officials and Security Guards.

Mounting Yard access is only issued to approved working journalists and photographers who have completed ATC's official "Red Zone" training course.

Mobile telephones may not be turned on or used in the Mounting Yard or in the scales area.

Media granted access to the Mounting Yard must dress according to the Members' Dress Regulations.

Social Marquees / Fashions on the Field

Photographers working in social marquee areas are requested to remove their coloured photographers vest prior to attending the respective function.

If attending a social marquee as a working member of the press, please refrain from consuming food and beverage supplied for guests. Catering is provided for media each race day in the Media Room.

Filming of Racing

On course film and TV crews must observe the exclusivity arrangement ATC has with racing broadcaster, TVN. This means refraining from filming any race footage. Application can be made direct to TVN to request release/supply of race footage.

Dress Code

Media must adhere to the dress codes for the Mounting Yard and Members’ Enclosures, set out by ATC. Clothing will not be provided to meet these requirements.

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Breach of Media Accreditation Rules

All accredited media and photographers must obey directions given to them by ATC Officials and Security staff. Failure to abide by these rules will result in instant revocation of accreditation.

For all media enquiries, please contact

Brett de Vine
Australian Turf Club
Ph: 0419 613 455