The business and affairs of the Australian Turf Club (ATC) Limited are decided upon by a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is appointed for a term of four years and meets once a month or more often if deemed necessary. These meetings are also attended by the Executive as required. Members of the Board of Directors also sit on various committees which meet on a regular basis. They include matters relating to Audit, Finance and Remuneration (and Nomination), Merger Integration and Property Development .

    Board of Directors

  • Michael Crismale

    Appointed to the Board 7 February 2011
    Executive Chairman of Matrium Technologies
    Non-Executive Director of ThoroughVisioN (TVN)
    Non-Executive Director of Sydney Football Club
    Vice Chairman, Carbine Club of NSW
    Thoroughbred breeder and racehorse owner
    Chairman of the Board

  • Laurie Macri

    Vice Chairman

    Appointed to the Board 7 February 2011
    Former Director of the NSW Racehorse Owners Association
    Former STC Board Member
    Executive Director of the Macquarie Group
    Chairman of Finance Committee
    Member of Property Committee
    Member of Remuneration Committee

  • Wilf Mula


    Appointed to the Board 7 February 2011
    Former STC Board Member and honorary Treasurer
    Chairman of RTSI Holdings group
    Prominent thoroughbred owner and breeder
    Director of Australian Stud Book
    Director of ThoroughVision Pty Ltd (TVN)
    Chairman of Audit Committee

  • Steve Grant


    Appointed to the Board February 2014
    Director of Capital Corporation
    Director of Bluestone Property Solutions
    Director of Eden Brae Homes
    Racehorse owner and breeder for over 30 years
    Chairman of the ATC Property Committee

  • Bill Evans


    Appointed to the Board February 2014
    Chief Economist, Westpac Banking Corporation (22 years)
    Former Chairman Australian Business Economists (8 years)
    Life Member (9 years)
    Weekly racegoer (45 years)
    Member of the ATC Finance Committee

  • Darren Pearce

    Chief Executive Officer

    Appointed Chief Executive of Australian Turf Club on 24 April 2010
    15 years experience as Chartered Accountant in finance and banking
    Passionate about thoroughbred racing
    Thoroughbred horse owner